Are You Overly Obsessing?

The definition of obsessing according to Google is this:

[To] Preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent:

Obsession in relationships is so common these days.  Even to the point of people being overly obsessive.  Most think obsession is fairly innocent and a common occurrence that goes hand-in-hand with infatuation.  But is it actually as innocent as it seems?  Well, over time obsession can grow to an extent that is far from healthy.

One reason is that it can effect your friendships.  I read this on Project Inspired  once, but I shrugged it off.  However, over time, I’ve found it to be true.  Gushing about guys around your gals is probably something that we’ve all done at some time or another, but those “little gushes” can turn into feelings of distance, annoyance, and even jealousy.  Anyone who has gone down that road will tell you to avoid it.  The best way?  There is a time for talking about boys, but also make sure that you are as enthusiastic and interested in their hobbies, dreams, lives, and most importantly, their relationships with our Heavenly Father.  We should be so obsessed with God that no other relationship can compare to ours’ with Him.

Secondly, it can effect THE relationship.  Some guys prefer the flirty girls, but a good Christian guy doesn’t want a girl who is batting her eyes at every “blessed” male out there.  A good Christian guy is going to be looking for a girl who is so lost head-over-heels in love with God that he has to deepen his relationship with Him before she’ll even give him a second look.  Also, I think we owe it not only to our future husbands, but to God, to be this way.  Think of it like this…

You’re dad made you a gift that was beyond all of your wildest dreams.  He told you that he had made it, but that it  wasn’t the right time to give it to you.  You were ok with that for awhile…but you soon grew tired of the waiting game.  You started looking online and in stores for that perfect “something”, and you started obsessing over them.  Time and time again your dad saw this.  It hurt him because you were not satisfied enough with his promise to wait for something that he had made perfectly and only for you.  You may not have bought those “somethings”, but you were still being impatient and maybe even selfish because you didn’t want to wait.

That gift is your future husband.  Those “somethings” are all the other guys out there.  Check the inventory every little while, but don’t even wish for someone you know the Lord would not have “him” to be.  Save your affection and obsessions for the One.

Lastly, it can effect your reputation.  What are your thoughts to girls who are overly obsessive or flirty?  What is their reputation?  Do they show love for God, or do they seem rather distant?  Don’t be the girl with this reputation.  Be the girl who God’s love radiates from; be a girl after God’s own heart.  Be the girl who every guy can look at and see a virtuous woman in the making.  Be the girl who is not looking for Prince Charming but instead exclaims with confidence, “My Prince Charming has already come!”.  Set your focus and base your life’s decisions on God, and you will be 100% satisfied.  Guaranteed!




19 thoughts on “Are You Overly Obsessing?

  1. WONDERFUL post, Lainey! I completely agree! I made God a promise that I’d save my heart for the perfect person he has for me at the perfect time and not get caught up in crushes and drama. It makes me really sad to see some of my friends who obsess over and try to get their crushes to like them, and my friends always end up sad. :/ It’s so comforting to know somebody else has decided to wait, too!
    Once again, wonderful post! 😀 😀

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 That’s wonderful! I do like a guy, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to obsess over him anymore(that’s pretty much the main reason why I wrote this post;)). Like you, I know that the Lord has someone out there for me and that He’ll reveal him to me in His own timing. And I have to agree-the drama ends up being NO FUN AT ALL, lol! 😀
      Thanks. 🙂

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  2. It’s weird that you posted this now, because … I just got back from working on crew at a women’s retreat. I was with my BFF, and there were four other girls, too. They were all public schooled. We got along really well, but they talked about boys constantly, and it was just … a bit awkward. And I felt like it just wasn’t right for them to be that obsessive!

    Anyway, I mentioned that I used to be so rough on boys when I was little, and we used to have boy and girl forts. We’d always play on opposite teams and throw snowballs at each other – that kind of thing. It was good-natured, but also competitive for me because that’s just the way I am – go big or go home! So I mentioned the name of one of the boys, and they knew him (he started going to public school a couple years back), and they texted him and asked if he remembered me … yep. Awkward. And it gets worse.

    He replied and said he had a crush on me when we were little! And he literally remembered that I wrote books and the names I used to (teasingly) call him (Herbert Melville was one of them … just silly names). I started to think, “Woah. That’s … odd because I was always one of the girls, and I thought we good-naturedly hated each other (that doesn’t make sense, I know, but … that’s how it was! We didn’t really hate each other, but we always had a rivalry!). But it’s kind of flattering, too.”

    Anyway, here I am, back at home and now back on track! Thank you. ❤ (Long comment! Hope it doesn't end up in spam …)

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  3. Hey, Lainey! I wanted to let you know that my blog is going private. I have gotten some suspicious followers that make me scared, so I am going private.
    P.S. I know this is totally off subject, I hope I’m not breaking any rules.


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