Gifts from God: Uniqueness

Peer pressure.  I’ve always wondered if I struggle with it.  I think that I act like myself, but there are times I question.  “Am I doing, acting like, or wearing this because I like it, and it’s who I am, or because I’m just trying to impress my peers?”

I’m going to make a confession.  I really struggle with self confidence.  In fact, I’ve also struggled with things like obsession, doubt, believing that I truly am beautiful because the Lord made me in His image, and several other things.  However, one conclusion I’ve discovered in my on-going battle with self confidence is the fact that the approval of peers will not satisfy you.  At ALL.  I’ve always known that Jesus is the only person who can give me confidence, but I’ve been guilty of thinking that the approval of friends, acquaintances, AND confession time again, guys, will make me feel a little better about myself.  However, I found out differently as a result of some experiences at church camp this past summer.  To make a long story short, a guy was trying to flirt with me, one of my best friends said that a guy was staring at me with his mouth wide open(who was probably around four years older than me…creepy awkward…), and all the guys from ages 12 to about 15 took a vote on the prettiest girls at camp; I was number four-under my bestie who is one of those naturally “drop dead gorgeous” girls, and two girls who were obsessed with their hair and makeup.  Most girls would flip if that happened to them, but guess what?  I went right back to feeling like a flop.  Those guys’ approval didn’t do anything to my confidence.  Sure, it felt good for a day or two, but after that?  Not at all.  I was back to a deflated attitude of esteem.

However, I praise the Lord for that experience because He proved me wrong-that only HE can give me the satisfaction and approval my soul craves.  It’s good to get a “Jesus spanking” every once and a while, and I’m so glad He gave me one.  Why?  Because I’ve discovered that it pays to be yourself and to be the beautiful person God created you to be.  The Lord made each one of us UNIQUE; whether it’s one-of-a-kind personalities, or out-of-the-ordinary physical features.  There is no one else like you in the Universe!!!  Think of how special that is!  Buuut, like I often do, you may reply “Yes, I know that, but just knowing doesn’t cut it.”

1 Samuel 16:7 (KJV)

But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.

Yeah, maybe not at first, but that’s when I have to look at my heart.  The closer I am, the closer you are with God, the more confident I/you will be!  When we are close in or walks with God, we won’t see all of our flaws and imperfections.  Instead, we’ll see all the good because we want to find ways to honor God and give Him glory for all that He has blessed us with.  Just like 1 Samuel 16:7 says, “…man looketh at the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.”  The more Christ-like we become, the more we will apply the latter part of that verse.  And once you believe that, others will too!  You’ll look at others the way Christ sees them, and because of this action, they’ll see Christ in you.  Now isn’t that beautiful?!  Uniqueness truly is a gift from God, and I believe that we all can learn to use that gift the way God designed. 🙂



18 thoughts on “Gifts from God: Uniqueness

  1. That was amazing! Sometimes we think human approval will please us but in the end we truly seek God’s approval. It’s crazy to me how when a guy compliments or flirts with you it only last a little while but when they offend it can last a long time in your mind. You will always fall short of God’s glory but He loves us regardless and that is what is so incredible!


  2. Aww, that was a great post! I, also, wonder if I do struggle with peer pressure stuff … I don’t know if I am. But it’s still such a GREAT thing to keep in mind!!


  3. This was a great post, Lainey! I often look for approval of others, too, but I know that I shouldn’t because God’s approval of me is far more important than anyone else’s. I should be looking to please God rather than myself as well as others. 🙂
    I honestly was kind of disgusted that the guys took a vote on the prettiest girls at a CHURCH camp! Ugh. Now I better understand what my mom has been saying about how teens are in youth groups… :/
    Though that must have been a nice feeling to be on the list 😉
    Thanks for this post, Lainey! Your posts are always so good and so true 🙂 ❤

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    1. I agree Jaclynn. I love my youth group but I feel that way too! We are supposed to be the ones that our showing God’s love and honoring each other. Why does it feel like that is not always the case when I go to youth group?

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      1. I agree as well. I’ve asked my mom something similar to that, and she says that while we need to grow spiritually, those people are actually the ones who need to be there the most. 🙂 So I just try to set a good example and be kind to them, but to hang around the ones that will be a good influence on me. 😉


    2. Thanks, Jaclynn 🙂 Amen!!
      Yeah, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE church camp(especially my super sweet counselors who seem like the most spiritual, but humble, people on earth), but it can get really annoying…and weird…and awkward. And sometimes you just want to scream “PEOPLE WE ARE AT CHURCH CAMP!! CHURCH CAMP!! NOT your school!!!” Ugh is right. :/ But there are a few you’ll run across who are nice spiritual guys and not flirty. Lol, yeah, well it did at first but it wore off really quick. 😉
      You’re so welcome, Jaclynn! 🙂 ❤ Thank you, and so are your's!! ❤


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