A Baby Changes Everything

There was once a thirteen-year-old girl.  She was pleasant, kind, gentle, hard-working, and beautiful.  She wasn’t perfect, but there was something different about her.  People avoided and rejected her; even her family was ashamed of her…she was pregnant.  This pure, God-honoring, engaged girl was pregnant.  Everyone was shocked.  They stared and threw her insults, but she took them with grace.  Because she knew, even though no one else did, that she was innocent.  One of the things that hurt her the worst was seeing the hurt and confusion on her fiancé’s face.  He could have had her stoned, but he didn’t.  People didn’t understand him either-especially when he decided to go through with marrying the girl!  They didn’t know that an angel had came to him in the middle of the night and told him what his fiancé already knew.  She carried the Son of God.

Mary was a sinner just like you and me.  But even at her young age she gave her all to Christ.  Are we like Mary?  Willing to lay down all our dreams, desires, and plans to give our lives fully to Him?  Does your salvation change everything; how you act, talk, dress, live?  Is He the deciding factor in your life?  Giving your life to Christ is the best gift that you could ever give Him on His birthday.  Are you willing to pay the price?  Check out the song, A Baby Changes Everything!

Merry Christmas!




11 thoughts on “A Baby Changes Everything

  1. Merry Christmas! Great post. It’s always … weird when you think of how it must have been. Especially when you realize how young marry was … I mean, she was younger than I am! That’s so scary! Poor thing! But I guess she realized what an incredible honor it was, too. 🙂

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