7 Ways to Show Gratefulness on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only two days away, and for most of us that means turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, fun times with relatives, and Black Friday!  Of course this is all well and good, but it appears that more and more people are forgetting what the holiday is all about; being grateful for God’s blessings on us, and for The Ultimate Sacrifice on Calvary.

I’ve put together a list of 7 ways you can show an attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving!

Send a group text to your friends

Hop on over to your fave editing site(I love Canva), and edit a pretty fall photo with the words “I’m thankful for you”, or something to that effect.  Show your besties some love!!  After all, they are pretty amazing. ;D

Be a turkey on a platter

Ok, not literally, lol!  Though you may feel like one after Thanksgiving dinner! XP Have you ever heard of Elf on the Shelf?  Well, this is a Thanksgiving version!  Instead of going around like the Elf and making mischief and messes for your parents to clean up, sneak around the house and clean things up when your parents aren’t watching!  This will be an awesome way to show your parents how much you appreciate all they do for you-especially when those Thanksgiving dishes disappear or the guest bed room is suddenly spotless! 😀

Make a list of the things you’re thankful for

Make a list of the things you’re thankful for(physical, spiritual, etc.).  This will be a great way to “count your blessings”!

Make a Thanksgiving playlist

Look back over your list of spiritual things you are thankful for, and make a playlist of praise songs that include those things!  Are you thankful for the Ultimate Sacrifice(check out Forever by Kari Jobe)?  How about the promise that God will always work things out for our good(Blessings by Laura Story)?  Or maybe you’re thankful for God’s care and hand of protection on your life(Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin)?  I’m sure there is a song out there for everything you are thankful for!!

Be a tree of thankfulness

Be a tree of thankfulness and spread some leaves of gratitude!  Use a template or stencil of a leaf to make some out of festive scrap-booking/craft paper.  Then write little notes on them for your family and friends telling them why you are thankful for them, and put them in places where they are sure to find them!  These little notes will make their day. 🙂

Help the less fortunate

There are SO SO SO SO SOOO many people in the world who’s lives will never be near as plentiful as even the poorest of our country.  Through a non-profit organization like Samaritan’s Purse or World Vision, you can donate money to give water, food, clothing, farm animals, seeds, medical supplies, etc. to those in need.  What an impact we can make in others’ lives!


Sometimes the best way we can show a grateful spirit is just to smile!  People are hurting.  People who have lost all hope of a better tomorrow and a bright future-especially on account of all the emotional turmoil going on in our country right now.  Most don’t see a need or a reason to smile.  When they see your happy face and a heart overflowing with gratefulness, it will give them cause to wonder what the source of your joy is.  It may not seem like much, but you never know how far the simplest things in life can go! 🙂

I for one am SO grateful to have the opportunity to get to know and hopefully be able to encourage you all in your spiritual journeys, and also for the greatest blessing…a Heavenly Father who loves us all so very much! 🙂









12 thoughts on “7 Ways to Show Gratefulness on Thanksgiving

  1. I made a huge tree out of paper and taped it on the wall. Made some paper leaves for people to write on and tape it on the tree, it was pretty cool. My sisters are doing this year!

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