Verse Studies


I personally know how frustrating it is sometimes to read your Bible and not be able to remember what you read later on.  We want to read our Bibles, grow closer to God and learn more about Him, but we sometimes ask “What’s the point of all this?” when it feels like we’re not learning anything.  Well, I have a cure!

About two months ago, I remember finding a link on Project Inspired one day which led to a blog post about something called Verse Mapping(if you type it into your search engine, you should be able to find tons of results).  Verse Mapping seemed a little extreme for me at the time, so I decided to do it with some tweaks and a few of my own twists, and ended up with something I call Verse Studies.  Here’s how it works.

What You Need…

~ Journal(or notebook with heavy paper; you don’t want the highlighters to bleed through)

~ Highlighters in various colors

~ Pens, pencils, or my personal favorite, mechanical pencils!

~ Bible

~ A Bible concordance(most Bibles have one in the back of it)

What You Do…

Once you’ve gathered up all your supplies, it’s time to find a cozy spot in your room or a shady tree in your backyard; any place that’s quiet so you can concentrate on your time with God.  Now the first thing you’re going to do is to create a highlighting method.  You may want to use one like this…

Key Words

Verses I want to memorize or already have

Verses I ❤

Apply to my life

Study deeper/things I don’t understand

Names of God

Or come up with your own!  Write it on the first or second page of your journal.

Now you’re going to choose a word or topic to study!  So far I’ve done wisdom, patience, and some on righteousness.  You may want to do diligence, honesty, confidence, or even a character study!  If you’re unsure of a word or topic to study, I would encourage you to pray about it!

Once you know what you want to study, look up the word, person, topic, etc., in your Bible’s concordance.  Then(this is optional but makes things much easier) you should copy down the references to all of the verses they have listed.  Then it’s time to get to work! 😀 Copy all the verses in your journal, color coding them as you go.  I like to go full out with color coding, and I also suggest that you summarize the verses in your own words, as well as writing little notes here and there!  Here is what a page of my journal looks like…


I also write notes from church sermons in my journal, so it’s filling up quickly! 😀

This may seem like a neat idea to you, but you may not understand why I think it’s so much fun and understand how it works so well to help you remember what you’ve studied.

Why Verse Studies?

Did you know that writing something once is equal to reading it seven times?!?!!  Amazing, right?!  This is one of the main reasons why it works so well.  Instead of reading a verse a million times, you can just write it down! 😀  The color coding also forces you to pay attention and ponder the key points.  Not to mention that Verse Studies are super fun because you’re able to be creative while you learn!  Try it once and I promise you’ll be hooked!  It’s seriously addicting. 😀 Oh!  And I do believe there are other similar methods out there like this one, and I think there is something else out there called Verse Studies as well.  I may not have been the first to think of this, lol! 😛

God bless!  Let me know if any of you decide to do this!







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  1. Hi! I really love this blog! I also follow Lilly’s blog Livingbychapters… it’s been deleted I guess? Every time I click on it it either takes me to this page or a link that says “the authors have deleted this page” ?

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