15 Years…and Towers are Still Crumbling…

As I’m sure you all know, yesterday was 9/11.  The terrorist attack.  The crumbling of the towers.  The cries of those who had lost loved ones.  Of those who had lost all hope.  There were those who were brave; noble enough to risk their lives to save others.  And some of them didn’t make it.  They sacrificed, and showed Christ-likeness like many of use could not.  Unfortunately, the battle isn’t over; the towers are still crumbling.  Our world needs Jesus Christ so very much!  It’s heart breaking to think that there are so many that reject His gift of salvation and follow someone or something else, as ISIS does.  We’re backing off from the duty we have as born again believers and children of God!  Our Nation, which says that it is under God, has been trying to instead place itself above God, and is forgetting the principals that we were founded on.  Have we forgotten that God will judge?  When will we fall down on bended knee and ask His forgiveness?  How long will we let the towers crumble?

If you haven’t already, please spend some time praying for the families of the deceased and praising the Lord for their courage!




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