Can Christians be Gay?

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Pnuematic Rain

(This was actually a response I made, but like some of my comments do, it turned into the size of a blog post, and while it is not my usual style…)

Well, the difficulty here is that the bible clearly lays out homosexual acts as sin (Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:26 & 27, etc.). Today’s world would call that unjust, because most believe that homosexuality is something that people are born with. I.e: ‘Didn’t God make people gay?’

As a Christian, I do not doubt that people can be born with a stint toward homosexuality. But does that mean that GOD made them gay? The bible teaches that when sin was introduced to the world it corrupted all of humanity, it caused sickness and death to enter into the human race:

‘Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all…

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10 thoughts on “Can Christians be Gay?

  1. Actually, the Bible only states in the Old Testament that homosexuality is a sin. In the New Testament, Jesus said that people should disregard the original rules and only follow His rules, which never said anything about homosexuality. I pride myself on being knowledgeable of many religions, even though I am Atheist.

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    1. That’s not true. It says that homosexuality is a sin in many places in the New Testament. And it doesn’t say to disregard the old rules; it just says that now we’re not tied down by the law; that we can still go to heaven if we make mistakes because Jesus washed us clean.

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      1. THAT’S not true. I have more Christian friends than other religions. And they say that what I said is true. My parents have a Bible that they were given as a wedding gift. Want me to get exact quotes?

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      2. They don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m sorry, but I hold firm to the belief that homosexuality in any form is an unforgiveable sin. It says so in Romans 1 if you want to see it in the Bible. It also talks about it in other New Testament places. Murder and lying and all other sins don’t become legal just because we’re no longer dragged down by them if we believe in Jesus Christ as our savior. Homosexuality is no different than murder or lying or any other sin.

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      3. Wow, now you’re equating homosexuality with murder and lying. Murder:Crime. Lying:Sometimes Crime. Homosexuality:Not crime. Even IF the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin, you cannot equate it with crimes! Crimes hurt people in some way, mentally or physically. Homosexuality does not. And I truly believe my friends that go to church every Sunday AND Wednesday know what they are talking about. Homosexuality is legal, no matter what, and I will not argue any more. Let’s just agree to disagree, and know that in the United States of America, homosexuality is legal.

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      4. Crime and sin are not the same thing at all. Many things that are sins are legal. Lying, for instance. It’s not illegal to lie; yet lying is definitely a sin. Homosexuality is a sin, too. No sin is greater or lesser. And going to church doesn’t necessarily make you a Christian … and being a Christian does make you knowledgeable about God.

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      5. Yeah, and Jesus said (and I quote) “I have not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it”
        He said He’s NOT destroying the law, He’s fulfilling it!

        I agree with you Kellyn Roth! God made MAN and WOMAN to get married…God didn’t make man and man.

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