Leonardo D’Vinci: A great man who might never have existed

Leonardo D’Vinci was a great man. He was a wonderful painter and inventor. He was the first man to come up with a flying machine, with a submarine, with a tank! And his paintings show an amazing amount of skill. His people look like they could step out of the frame and live and breathe! He was brilliant.

Leonardo D’Vinci made many sketches of horses for a bronze statue he was preparing to make.


And in today’s world, he might not even have been born.

You see, Leonardo D’Vinci was the illegitimate son of a middle-class lawyer and a servant girl, Catrina. Catrina gave her baby to his father to be raised as he’d have a better change with him, and Leonardo grew up never knowing his mother.

One of Leonardo’s many studies of anatomy.


Now, today, what would a girl do if she found out she was pregnant and the pregnancy was inconvenient for her? Well, chances are she’d have an abortion! And if Catrina had decided to have an abortion, well, Leonardo D’Vinci wouldn’t have been born … and the world would have lost one of the greatest geniuses of all time.

How does any woman know when she was an abortion that she wasn’t carrying the next Leonardo? It seems rather unfair not to give the baby a chance to be spectacular.



10 thoughts on “Leonardo D’Vinci: A great man who might never have existed

  1. I agree! Everybody should have the right to live! Somebody once said that everybody they knew who wasn’t against abortion happened to already have been born, and I totally agree with that statement!
    For all we know, somebody who could have created world peace might have been ‘aborted’ (I’m not sure that that’s an actual verb) back in the 80s! 😦

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