Verse of the Day!

Hi, Lily here!

I’m going to do Verse of the Day today! *coughcough* one day late *coughcough*. Unfortunately, my mom was…how do I say this in a nice and respectful way…adamantly refusing to share the computer.

Anyway, here is the verse:



This verse is telling us to give all our faith to God, and not listen to the Devil’s temptations. If we are deaf to Satan’s cunning lies, we will become more powerful than he, for we shall have overcome him.

I was greatly inspired by this verse, because it gives precious insight on the terrorism problem. If we are not afraid of them, we do not let them win, because they wish to terrorize people and take control through fear. If we are afraid, we let them win.

What are your reflections on this verse?



One thought on “Verse of the Day!

  1. I totally agree about the terrorism problem.

    I, too, didn’t do my verse on my day. Sorry about that! All you guys you wanted inspiration ON A MONDAY must be really depressed now … I’ll try to be more consistent from now on. 😉

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