5 Tips for Door-Knocking


Hello Girls!  Lainey here!

Once a month, my youth group at church will stay after the morning service on Sunday to play basketball, volleyball, carpetball, or just hang out.  After we eat lunch, we’ll all load up in the vans and go to the Verteran’s Home or door-knocking.  I’m still a rather new door-knocker, but I thought that I’d share five tips that have helped me!:)

1.) Stand Lined Up With The Door Hinge

So, you probably weren’t expecting that, huh?:D My Youth Pastor just told us this last week, and it really is a great idea!  You know why?  A door opens from the inside, so when someone opens a door, they automatically see what is lined up with the hinge.  If you’re standing over to the side of the knob, or maybe even a little farther over, they may not see you right off.  If they don’t see you right away, it could startle them when they do-especially if the person is elderly.  You can guess that wouldn’t exactly be the best way to start out. 😉

2.)  Start By Saying Which Church You Are From

If you’re like me, it’s sometimes hard to talk to strangers.  I’ve found that the best thing to say first is what church you are from, and then it usually flows pretty smooth from there.  You also will be letting them know something that they are sure to ask, and it also is an easy way to aviod being tongue-tied right off.

3.) Just Breathe

If you do get tongue-tied, just take a deep breath and continue.  And note that you don’t have to lead someone to the Lord on your first time at it.  It could even take years. So don’t get nervous-you’re planting the seed by just inviting them to church or handing them a tract. 🙂

4.) Listen To Your Gut

Another one you probably weren’t expecting, right?  😀 Well, this is more of a pre-cautionary tip that you’ve probably heard before.  If you have a gut instinct that something doesn’t feel right about a house or person you’re approaching-don’t.  It could be nothing, maybe a little OCD, but it’s best to be safe.  I’ve even had to do this a couple of times. I think most people have.  If you do approach someone who just…well…kinda creeps you out, just smile at them and pass on by.  If it’s a house and they open the door, just say something like: “Oh, I’m/we’re sorry for disturbing you.  Have a nice day!”, and walk away.

5.) SMILE!:D

Not many people like strangers coming and knocking on their front door, so be sure to be polite and SMILE!  Make a good impression, and remember that you’re not only representing yourself, but also your family, church, and God. 🙂

I hope that these tips will help you the next time you go door-knocking!  Also, if you’re new to door-knocking, it takes time, so be patient.  Soon you’ll find yourself crawling out of your shell, and maybe volunteering to take the first house, or even stepping in for one of your friends when they get a little tongue-tied!  Just remember the message that you’re telling, or giving them in the form of a slip of paper.  You’re making in impact whether you know it or not-one seed at a time! 😀

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