Bible Quotes

Hello! My name is Genna, and I’m one of the new writers on Send the Light!

I’ve got to get off, so this will be quick! Here are some of my favorite Bible verses. STLSTL picST picSTL edit quote 1STL pic edit 2God loves you, never forget that!



12 thoughts on “Bible Quotes

    1. Hi Zielle!
      I’m sorry, but you must be mistaken; I didn’t email you. It must have been one of the other writers. Sorry about that! If you need to email me about something my email is:
      To answer your question, I would say this: I believe that the writers of STL should write about their love for God and try to spread the Word of Christ throughout the world! Like my post, I used Bible verses that I thought would be uplifting and inspiring to others!
      I hope that answered your question!

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